Phillip Jensen

Bible Teacher and Evangelist

Phillip has been active in ministry since conversion in 1959. From 1970, after education at Moore Theological College, he has been employed in various ministries including working with John Chapman in the Dept. of Evangelism, Chaplain at University of New South Wales for 30 years, Rector of St Matthias Centennial Park and Dean of Sydney at St Andrew’s Cathedral. During this time he was chairman of Katoomba Christian Convention, founded Matthias Media, Ministry Training Strategy, and numerous evangelistic ministries as well as writing several books and undertaking University missions in Australia and overseas. Phillip is the driving force behind the establishment of Two Ways Ministries, with the aim of raising up a new generation of gospel-centred preachers through training ministry workers, and modelling preaching in churches and conferences, both local and international. Phillip is married to Helen, has three adult children and 13 grandchildren. For more information about Phillip go to http://phillipjensen.com/about/



Alison Napier


Alison also went to Moore College, after which she served for 3 years doing city evangelism and training with City Bible Forum, and then at St Andrew’s Cathedral for the next 7 years. She has been involved in short term missions in India with the India Gospel League and assisting with the ministries of Equip Women. She is now working with Campus Bible Study but is joining Two Ways Ministries as one of our consultants. Her experience as an evangelist, speaker, Bible teacher, mentor and trainer is invaluable to our work of raising up the next generation of women evangelists.



Al Stewart


Al Stewart has been involved in gospel ministry for about 30 years. After graduating from Moore College he worked in a variety of different ministry roles in the Sydney Diocese, and throughout those 30 years has been a regular itinerant preacher and evangelist. During that time he has planted and pastored congregations and been director of Anglican Youth Works and Chairman of Katoomba Christian Convention. Al currently works with City Bible Forum in Sydney. He is keen to spend time helping young men become better preachers. Al is married to Cathy, is a grandfather to two and the father of four adult children.



Wendy Swanton

Two Ways Ministries Operations Manager

Wendy left primary teaching to study at Moore College during which time she was a student minister at St Matthias. After college she married Philip Swanton and spent 10 years in Switzerland where her two, now adult, children were born. On returning to Sydney, she worked in a variety of positions in parish ministry and schools work, including teaching Christian Studies and with the Schools Division of the Crusader Union. She has been working with Phillip Jensen since 2008, and now manages most of Two Ways Ministries activities. She is the main contact person for enquiries about what Two Ways Ministries can offer.


Sophie Norved 1

Sophie Norved

Two Ways Ministries Assistant

Sophie was part of CBS when studying Social Work at UNSW. She served at St Matthias in MTS after graduating. Sophie married Lars and has been busy raising a family of four. The Norveds have been active members of the church plant in the St George area which is now part of St George North parish.


Dan Bishop

Student Minister with Two Ways Ministries

Dan is married to Shannon and they have two little boys, Zeke and Jedidiah. Dan, who did MTS training at Jannali, is deeply passionate about evangelism and church-planting and is keen to serve wherever God plans to send him.


Peter Blair

Student Minister with Two Ways Ministries

Peter is our Irish brother who has been working with our friends in Belfast. He, and his wife Jodie, plan to return to All Saints’ Church, Belfast, to be involved in student ministry, evangelism, and church planting.


Paul Cooper

Student Minister with Two Ways Ministries

Paul cooper is married to Bronwen with three
children, Erin, Lachlan and Tristan. Paul left work at the end of 2016 to attend Moore college. At the end of college Paul and Bronwen hope to be involved in pastoral ministry serving Jesus and his people.


Susan Duc

Student Minister with Two Ways Ministries

Susan has discovered the deep joy of discipling women during her time at College. Having resigned from lawyering to remain at College, she hopes to couple gospel ministry in the south-west of Sydney with part-time work to continue sharing Jesus with the lost.


Marlee Green

Student Minister with Two Ways Ministries

Marlee loves Queensland, knowing people and asking maybe too many questions. Since it was at university that she was stunned by God’s goodness in Christ and his Word, that’s where she hopes to return.


Lucy He

Student Minister with Two Ways Ministries

Lucy is a Mandarin speaker, who was converted from chasing after migrant dreams of success to following our Lord Jesus. She hopes to proclaim Christ and the joy of knowing him in Sydney or Taiwan.


Josh Hesford

Student Minister with Two Ways Ministries

Josh Hesford loved working as an architect, but he and his wife Nikki were frustrated by the small amount of time left over to build and
support the church. They hope to take the gospel to places where it has been forgotten, near or far, through pastoral ministry.


Jireh Jang

Student Minister with Two Ways Ministries

Jireh grew up as a Christian in a Korean migrant Church. Through the ministry of Korean Bible Study at UNSW, he came to see that the Word
of God changes people. He now hopes to proclaim the Gospel to 2nd generation Koreans.


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